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This weekend has been pretty great, I gotta say. Massive phonecall with Sarah and that is always amazing, I just feel that few if any people in this world have an understanding of me like she does and I like to think I do alright in the opposite direction. It's just great to be able to lie back for hours and chat about everything in life, and I definitely needed it. Hooray for friend therapy, haha. I need to try to make an effort to do such things more often. 5am, bed.

Last night was just insane at EoFF and on Skype, it was ridiculously silly on a level that reminds me of the early 2000's when EoFF was at the stage it was growing and people were just able to be much more silly together. It was totally that. I'm glad the other forum mods didn't shut us down or anything because it just worked from start to finish and I'm pretty sure everyone involved had a pretty good time overall. 4am, bed.

Today's a slight struggle after two nights of bugger all sleep. I had an hour long nap on Saturday and I just had another two hour nap recently after Danielle returned home. She's still asleep at the moment. She's having a hard time with things that I can't do anything about and it frustrates me because I love to help and to fix things, and yeah, it annoys me. It doesn't help that I'm tired, I hope she doesn't get too upset by how annoyed I was about it. Either way, hopefully she feels better before too long. As for me, this afternoon is a bit weird - undoubtedly because of how unorthodox my eating and sleeping pattern has been this weekend. I'm gettin' feels, missing certain friends. Missing someone can be a sad thing or it can be a bittersweet thing. I think in this case it's the latter.

Gonna wake Danielle up in about half an hour and sort out some dinner, give her a hug and watch Suits with her, hopefully. So glad that series is back. Then five more days of work, then a full week off. Yay!
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